• 3100 M

    max depth

  • 30%

    more powerful

  • 110%


Pound for pound and dollar for dollar the best performing drill in the business. Period.

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Low Environmental Impact

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Innovation has been a Hydracore hallmark since 1975. Heliportable drills were Hydracore’s first products, followed by the invention of the multi-engine manportable drill. Over the years we have designed our own unique heads, chucks, foot clamps and hydraulic circuits–all unlike any other. Hydracore has quietly established a reputation for superior design, optimal functionality, and industry-leading results.

The safety of the men and women that build, transport, and use our equipment is Hydracore’s top priority. …..in the harshest environments around the world.

We know how important it is to have the equipment you need–when you need it. The parts commonality of our machines enables us to inventory all key components ensuring 30-day assembly and completion of any Hydracore drill.

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint in everything we do. These machines provide access to remote exploration areas with very low environmental impact. These same features create even greater opportunity for remote exploration. Hydracore drills provide decades of reliable service reducing the need for the materials and energy consumed in manufacturing new equipment.

Innovative design, maximum versatility, and incomparable dependability. Get to know Hydracore–you owe it to your bottom line.

Hydracore drills are designed to deliver dependable service in the most challenging conditions—year in and year out. Our innovative head technology is simply more efficient than any other head technology in the industry. Hydracore drills routinely remain in active service for over 25 years.

We have designed each of our drills with multiple power options ensuring both optimal versatility and power regardless of location and use. We have the right solution up to 3100M of size Drill Rod.

Man, track, truck or helicopter portable, Hydracore drills are designed to exceed the challenges of any terrain in the world. The more difficult the terrain, the better we look. These machines drill faster than machines that are three times the weight. Hydracore drills provide you with unmatched versatility–one machine that can do it all.