Hydracore 5000

The Hydracore 5000 is the most powerful drill Hydracore makes

Hydracore 5000

The Hydracore 5000 is the most powerful drill Hydracore makes. The Hydracore 5000 has the same P size head as the Hydracore 4000, but the feed frame is larger. The dual cylinders are 3 inch diameter and give the Hydracore 5000, 49,000 lbs. of pull back. This level of force is required for drilling to the maximum depth with H size, and taking N size down to the limit the drill rods are cable of. Depths of 6500 feet of N have been achieved. This machine benefits from being the newest design from Hydracore. Over 40 years of experience comes with these drills. Some of the new features of the Hydracore 5000 design are now being adopted on the smaller models.

Specifications for 203 HP version


B Size10,000 feet (3,000 m)
N Size6,500 feet (1,950 m)
H Size3,000 feet (900 m)
P Size1,500 feet (450 m)

Drill Head (P size, 250cc)

Motor DisplacementRPMTorque
Maximum6001,700 ft-lbs
Minimum1,400560 ft-lbs

* Speed/Torque is continuously variable between maximum and minimum values.  More torque is available in reverse for rod breaking (2,828 ft-lbs), because the reverse pressure is 5,000 psi and the maximum pressure in forward is only 3,500 psi.

Hydraulic Chuck

Chuck TypeAcker Hydraulic, modified
Axial Thrust50,000 lbs
No. of Jaws5
Maximum Rod Size4 1/2"

Foot Clamp

OperationAccumulator closed, Hydraulic opened
Axial Thrust50,000 lbs
CapacityPW casing
No. of Jaws2
Maximum Rod Size5 1/2"

Drill Slide and Feed Cylinder

TypeDouble cylinders 3"
Maximum Pull49,000 lbs
Maximum Thrust16,000 lbs


EnginesIsuzu 4LEI 203 HP or Cat C7 250 HP
Main PumpsGear (2); 54 and 31 GPM at 3,500 psi
Auxiliary PumpPres. Comp.; 16 GPM at 2,500 psi
Auxiliary Pump #2Gear; 10 GPM at 3,000 psi
Reverse PumpPiston; 3 GPM at 5,000 psi
Hydraulic Tank34 Gallons (US)
CoolingWater cooled heat exchangers


Hydraulic Water Pump
Wireline Winch 7000 ft capacity
Hydraulic Mud Mixer


Drill Head (including chuck)850 lbs
Foot Clamp190 lbs
Drill Slide and Feed Cylinder1,600 lbs
Engine Module (Isuzu) wet1,600 lbs
Engine Module (Cat) wet2,500 lbs
Winch300 lbs