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  • Options:

    Base Model


    • 150Hp TEFC Electric Motor (Must specify voltage and Hz prior to ordering)

    Drill Module Features

    • Drill skid with ability to drill any angle
    • Uses 5ft rods (1.5M)
    • Ability to add on extension mast to use 10ft (3M) rods
    • Hydraulic rod pulling with the drill head – Axial Pull 20,000lb (9050Kg)
    • Hydraulic feed control with 60” (1.52M) stroke
    • Hydraulic Mast Raise
    • Rotation Safety Guard

    Drill Head

    • Hydracore Variable Speed Drill Head and Link Chuck
      • Proprietary “link design” one jaw size fits all rod sizes
      • Low maintenance chuck with no release bearings on internal cylinders
      • Quick release swing out design to clear wireline
      • Carbon Belt Drive


    • Hydraulic Foot Clamp B – P size – Axial Capacity 20,000lb (9050Kg)

    Hydraulic Control Module

    • Fold open Control Panel for ease of maintenance
    • Direct Hydraulic Controls – 80GPM (300 Lpm)
    • Single E-Stop located in the control panel
    • Hydraulic controls provided for auxiliary Water Pump and Mudmixer
    • Water Tree with dump valve

    • ELECTRIC MOTOR & PANEL 150 HP 380V 50/60HZ
    • ELECTRIC MOTOR & PANEL 150 HP 440-460V 50/60HZ
    • ELECTRIC MOTOR & PANEL 150 HP 575-600V 50/60HZ
    • Upgrade to “Severe Duty Motor”
  • Safety

    • Auto Rotation Shutdown
      • When the rotation guard door is opened the drill head is prevented from turning. Built from safety rated sensors and relays.
    • Pedestal Mounted Secondary E-Stop
      • The secondary e-stop can be placed by the “drill helper” for an additional level of safety
    • Fire Suppression System
      • Automatically triggers in case of fire, required on many mine sites
  • Drill Heads

  • Winches

    • Wire Line Winch 2000ft (600M)
    • Wire Line Winch with Level Wind System 2000ft (600M)
      • Level wind systems are required on some job sites, please check with your client for your specific needs.
    • Wire Line Winch with Level Wind System 5000ft (1500M)
      • Level wind systems are required on some job sites, please check with your client for your specific needs.
    • Wire Line Winch with Level Wind System 7000ft (2100M)
      • Level wind systems are required on some job sites, please check with your client for your specific needs
  • Mud Mixer

      • It is recommended to use two Mud Mixers, one for Mud and one for Polymers.

      • Suited for rod sizes up to P
    • WATER PUMP 40GPM HYD, Bean 435
      • Suited for rod sizes up to P

  • Transport

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Powerful Electric Motor

A 150Hp 3 phase motor with options available to match all countries electrical requirements from 380v – 600v in both 50hz and 60hz. For extreme conditions, an upgrade to a “severe duty” motor is available.

Proprietary Drill Head

Our P sized Drill Head is rated to take up to 500hp and up to 70,000lbs of pull back. We have eliminated the main sources of Drill Head failures including the chuck release bearing, internal opening cylinder, and gear transmission.

Fail-proof Footclamp

Footclamps need to have an incredible amount of holding power yet be simple to maintain and operate. While others opt to use an overly complex “chuck”, we use two standard hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders on this HW (P) sized clamp can hold up to 25,000lbs and one set of jaws works for all rod sizes!

Stainless Steel Eaton Electronics

We use genuine Eaton stainless steel electrical enclosures. Our panels are professionally designed and built utilizing Eaton industrial grade components such as their “soft start” and “ground fault protection”.

Direct Acting Hydraulic Control

Its no secret in the industry that direct acting hydraulics are bullet proof and unsurpassed in reliability. We design all drilling functions for direct control and maximum uptime.

Ease of Access

Lets face it all hydraulic equipment needs attention at some point. Our innovative control panel is designed to hinge open and expose all components for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Detailed Specifications

  • HC4000UG
  • Imperial
  • Metric
  • Move Method
  • Tram, Tele-Handler
  • Drill Method
  • Core (B, N, H, P)
  • Power
  • 150HP
  • 111KW
  • Drill Torque
  • 1700ft-lbs
  • 2300Nm
  • Pull Back
  • 21000lb
  • 9500Kg
  • Feed Stroke
  • 60″
  • 1.52M
  • Rod Length
  • 5 – 10ft
  • 1.5 – 3M
  • Rod Pull Length
  • 5 – 10ft
  • 1.5 – 3M
  • Max. Weight/Move
  • 4000lb
  • 1800Kg
  • Total Weight
  • 7500lb
  • 3400Kg